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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Mirror, Mirror will be a juried exhibition at Valkarie Gallery by local artist and owner/publisher of 1/1 Magazine, Raymundo Muñoz. Since several forms of print making require making a mirrored image of the final piece, the show takes its name from this process but should only be used as a starting point for artists to consider when submitting work. The show will include all types of print making from local Colorado artists.   Opening Reception:Friday, February 26, 6-9 pm

Relief Printing

Wood block by Pablo Picasso

A printing process in which the impression is created by the uncarved areas of the PRINTING ELEMENT, which has been inked with a ROLLER, BRAYER, or other tool. The incised, areas do not usually print, but printing pressure often creates an embossed effect.

In all relief techniques it is the surface of the block that is inked and printed.